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My name is Stuart Erskine and I am President of Magnetsigns Advertising.

I saw a Magnetsign for the first time in 1996. I was immediately impressed with this great new product which was starting to emerge in the marketplace. My first thought was: What an amazing idea. I wish I had thought of that. I was convinced these high impact signs were the most effective way to advertise that I had ever seen. Today, I still believe in the quality and effectiveness of the Magnetsigns product. In fact, I’ve seen the results over and over again, starting with my own franchise in Camrose, Alberta, Canada that I opened more than 15 years ago. The response to Magnetsigns was amazing. We put up more than 50 Magnetsigns in four months. Many of these customers still rent Magnetsigns today.

My passion for Magnetsigns and the success in our own franchise convinced me to become the franchisor. Since then I have visited hundreds of communities across Canada and United States where I have talked to many Magnetsigns franchisees and their customers. In fact, the part of the business I enjoy the most is hearing the success stories they tell. I often hear stories such as a failing business owner who rented a sign for a closing down sale, had their best month ever, kept the sign, and now has a thriving business because customers now know where they are and what they offer. I hear about schools using our signs to reach their enrolment goals, events that where sold out, successful product launches by major companies and communities or charities using signs for fundraising. Our customer’s success stories becomes our franchise success stories.

Thousands of businesses and organizations, large and small use Magnetsigns across Canada to stand out from the competition. This trend is continuing in the United States as our franchise network expands. Most of our sign rentals are generated by people seeing a Magnetsign and calling our franchisees to rent one, or by referrals from happy rental customers.

Over the years, we have developed new products and new ways to use Magnetsigns, expanded into more and more markets, and worked with all different kinds of businesses and organizations. The one thing that hasn’t changed is the effectiveness of Magnetsigns. Quite simply, I believe we are the most cost-effective way to communicate your advertising message to todays consumer.

At Magnetsigns we enjoy working with passionate entrepreneurs. Our role is to provide great products, proven business systems and a great home office team to support your goals and fulfill your dreams. If you would like to learn more about an exciting Magnetsigns business opportunity with Magnetsigns, please click here to contact our franchise recruitment team.

Stuart Erskine, President
Magnetsigns Advertising

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