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Magnetsigns Corporate Accounts

Your Sign Advertising Solution

Harness the power of our network for your brand so you can STAND OUT from the competition.

Magnetsigns portable signs are an exciting OOH (Out-Of-Home) option for your advertising needs. They offer some of the same fundamentals provided by major billboard media campaigns, but in a more cost effective and targeted manner.

Discover our proven advertising network of 130+ franchises which serve thousands of communities across Canada and the United States.

Whether you are launching a national campaign, looking for regional coverage, or targeting specific markets, one call to our Corporate Accounts team will ensure your message is placed where it is most effective… at curbside.

It’s Easy One call does it all!

  • Professional management by Magnetsigns corporate accounts team for all your locations on a national, regional and targeted basis.
  • A single point of contact providing you with the ultimate turnkey experience.
  • Complete program administration and logistics, including central billing, proof of placement photos, location tracking and bylaw compliance.
  • Consistent branding and message delivery.
  • Access to Magnetsigns creative services for uniform and professional advertising. Our Creative Department will work with you to create the perfect layout to meet your needs or we can adapt materials as supplied by your marketing department.
  • Access to a variety of layout options:
    Fluorescent – Stand out with high impact Magnetsigns with fluorescent magnetic letters and graphics.
    Digital Prints – Full color, digitally-printed layouts which offer unparalleled creativity and brand recognition.
    Fluorescent Hybrid – combines the high impact of fluorescent letters and graphics with stunning printed imagery to stand out in the marketplace.
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Powerful and eye-catching… the only form of advertising that can STAND OUT at curbside and move the customer to act on impulse.

Reach a huge potential audience for just a few dollars a day.

Immediate – the consumer is only meters away from the business when they receive the message.

Effective – To your target audience your message has to STAND OUT. You have only seconds to get noticed at curbside. We use large graphics, large text, and other elements to create a message with impact. With Magnetsigns you:

  • Catch the consumers attention
  • Transfer the information
  • Create a spontaneous buying decision in the street!

Changeable – gives advertisers the ability to promote different aspects of their business keeping the message fresh and relevant.

Portable signs are always on. This is critical in a fast-paced society where few advertising messages reach their intended target.

Today’s consumers are increasingly mobile. Portable signs reach consumers as they travel.

Thousands of viewing impressions each and every day.

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